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Capone our baby goat
Capone our baby goat  
My wife is back in the Philippines for a visit for a couple of months.  Her Aunts goat and a litter and one of the little ones would not stand up the others did.  She has taken the baby goat to our house and has been bottle feeding it.  It is alert, eats well, looks healthy but will not stand up.  He is now about 3weeks old.  She messages his extremities and tries to hold him up to get him to stand, or walk.  He makes no attempt and seems to be unable to stand.  His stool appears normal.  Is there any thing we can do that we are not doing?  what are your thoughts on the situation.  By the way we named him Capone

I would get some selenium from a vet ad give te goat  1/2 cc SQ. white muscle disease? Google it. I am surprised it has pooping ad peeig normal? Massaging is good but the problem may not resolve if it goes on too long.
Also just to be safe mix 1/4 t baking soda wit some cold water and give to him.
Good luck. He is adorable


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