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Our doe had 3 kids. The first 2 had no hair. The next morning she had the 3rd baby. His Thyroids are enlarged. Same doe did the same last year,but the one that lived didnt have as big of a throat. I know its a lack of iodine. How much 7% iodine should I put on his tail and how often? Or go about this a diff way? He is only a week old. Thanks for your input. Rick

Do it every week for a while, but you also need to get a goat mineral for your goats immediately, if you do not already have one. I use sweetlix meat maker, and have great results. This little guy may die anyway, because they can be kind of slow with this deficiency. You also can supplement your goats with kelp. They love it. Finally, cruciferous plants (like broccoli, cabbage, etc) can lead to lack of iodine absorption, which can cause this problem even with minerals.


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