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QUESTION: yeah it is some kind of diareah it is dark brown with a shade of dark green she is starting to gant up in the rear end the feed has not chamged but may be a little rich so i am gunna cut back one some of that and see along with the pepto.  tonight i also noticed that the 50 day old kidd that this doe shares a pen with (different mother) also has same color manure and is very loose could the two have the same problem the pen that they are in is just the two does and they each have one kidd.  should i seperate the to families.  i also nitice that the pen stinks likes a teething childs diper

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Do you have any Sulmet or Corid oral antibiotics? This is sounding more like a coccidiosis - green smelly and water diarrhea - let me know what you have or will get and I can give you doseages.  If you have any oral antibiotics could start them on that tonight - let me know.  Also use of the pepto will help.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks for the help treat like you said to and they are doing great.  I have another question now. I have a different goat that has not kidded yet and i will find often on her front knees while still on her back feet and she will stay like that for awhile if not disturbed and when she walkes her front end appears to be stiff. Now my question is she foundered or does she have arthritis or is it nothing to worry about? She is only about a year or so old.  Thanks again for your help

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay -  computer glitch.  Glad the one kid is doing better.  Nice job.  Re the doe that has not kidded yet, is she large/heavy?  What is her feed regimen currently?  Are her front lower legs hot or warm to touch or swollen?  Does her breath smell sickly sweet? Is her udder filled yet?  This issue could be metabolic - from the pregnancy, or it could be dietary.  Let me know about my questions - thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: she is kinda heavy, she is due in 4-6 week.  but not anymore than the other goats we have.  as for her diet she gets free choice grass hay(broom grass with native grasses) and 1.5 pounds of grain (1/2 corn,1/2 oats and some 18% noble goat feed ) legs not hot didnt smell her breath her udder is starting to fill about half full  thanks for the help

Good to hear the one kid is doing better.  Re the pregnant doe, it could be that she is just having these symptoms due to her weight.  Could also be due to the high protein level - 18% is extremely high for a pregnant doe and can cause laminitis/founder.  Would drop back on her grain you have her on and perhaps give her some aspirin, one 325 mg human aspirin per 100 pounds body weight twice a day for inflammation/pain.  Are her legs hot to touch or look swelled? This also could be from ketosis, but you said no sweet smell to the breath, or hypocalcemia - has she been on straight alfalfa for her hay?  Let me know - Donna


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