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i have a 1 year old female meat goat that kidded 33 days ago she has a wet dirty rearend color is a dark brown she still eats and drinks her kid is healthy she has not been dewormed or had any vaccine, what would be my the best course of action? can i deworm bred goats?  should i gice her pepto bismol and what is the best way to get it down her throat? i am new to goats but have grown up raising cattle.  thanks

Hello, so are we sure this is just a diarrhea that is discoloring her rear?  No blood or other discharge? Does who have kidded generally have a normal discharge up to 6 weeks after kidding, but if this is brown in color as in old blood there could be an infection.  Did she pass her placenta after kidding? Have you started her on any new feed regimen? This could be just a digestive upset.  You could start with pepto bismol at 1/2 cup to 50 pounds body weight twice a day for one day and then give her 24 hours to see if the diarrhea, if it is diarrhea, gets thicker.  Does the area smell badly at all, like old blood or just poop?  If this is an infection, then antibiotics would be needed, but if she is eating and drinking well and otherwise fine, this may not be an infection, just a diarrhea.  To orally drench, you can use either a turkey baster, or an oral drench syringe or a syringe (without the needle of course) placing the tip into the goat's mouth from the corner of the mouth, towards or over the tongue and gently squeeze as she swallows.  As to deworming, I use an every 2 month regimen using oral horse dewormer - Zimectrin is one and the other is Safeguard - you switch between these two dewormers - so you start with say Zimectrin and then 2 months later you use Safeguard, and then 2 months after that you use the Zimectrin, and so on.  You double the goat's weight to find the doseage on the plunger of the tube and place the lock on the nearest greater measurement, and then give orally.  You can use this regimen on pregnant goats and goats who are nursing kid goats (if you are drinking the milk, you would need to give 96 hours of withdrawal to be sure no wormer is left in the milk).  I also advise use of CDT toxoid for all goats - to adult goats this is given once a year at 2 cc.  It is also given to kid goats at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months at 1 cc.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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