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I have a female pygmy goat 12 years old.
can she still go into heat at 12?
what are the signs I can look for she is in heat?

Yes, female goats can go into heat up until about 13 to 15 years of age.  But, that heat may not produce any viable eggs so that she gets bred.  Signs of a standing heat/when she will stand for servicing by the buck are wagging of the tail and standing still when you rub her tailhead, a slightly vaginal discharge, and sometimes a change in her behavior - if she was quiet before she becomes vocal or more vocal, if she was sweet before she may become more standoffish.  As an aside, does of this age tend to have difficulty with kidding as their pelvic ligaments are not as supple and flexible as when they were younger, and I usually advise against allowing them to be bred.  Hope this helps - Donna  


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