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I have a year old male Boer goat and for some reason to night he would not eat his feed. Then about 9:30 this evening he stared crying like he was in pain. I gave in some oil thinking it might be blot.And then I gave him an antibotic. Did i do things right . The only thing is he did not look blotted, but he would stretch like he was.

Is he peeing? The most common cause of such behavior is urinary stones, especially if it is cold and he drinks less it a wether or buck? Wethers can be prone to this. You need to get a vet, if this is the problem, or he can die from toxins building up in is body. You will need to check his penis to see whether urine comes out. Sometimes te solution is fairly simple, but it can occur again. He needs some banamine for Theron.

Also take his temp and let me know what you find out.


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