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We had a pregnant female pass away early before day. she sprawled out on the ground yesterday-layed flat out .We thought the donkey may have kicked her. But after a couple of minutes she got up and ate with all the other goats-about 30.We thought we were home free.I checked on her last night about 8:00 and even gave her a little bread.This morning I found her next to the hay bale where they all eat-deceased. But also she had a swelling of her face and under her chin. Our billy goat has had this twice and it went away. She also had a vrey low grunting sound that she would do that we thought was just her personality. Now my husband thinks she may have had pneumonia. We are perplexed and sad.Yesterday when she fell out on the ground,we injected pencillin.

Generally face swelling is from anemia - barber pole worm or liver fluke cause this.  Did you ever check the lower inner membranes of the eyelid on any of the other goats with the face swelling (otherwise called "bottle jaw")?  The low grunting sound certainly sounds like a pneumonia.  If she had anemia and pneumonia these possibly could easily have caused her death.  How far along in pregnancy was she?  If she was within 4 weeks of kidding hypocalemia (too much calcium/alfalfa) or ketosis (too much ketone build up in her system from multiple kids and not enough sugars in the diet) can cause the death of a pregnant goat and with what sounds like the anemia being present could have made it worse.  Is she a less aggressive goat in feeding and as such does not get all the feed she needs/gets stressed easily and thus can get pneumonia when others are fine.  I would check the lower inner eyelids of the other goats - if they are white or light pink then anemia is present in your herd - then would treat at least those with the abnormal eyelids with a specialized wormer and iron.  Let me know - hope this helps - Donna


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