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QUESTION: I have a fainting goat that can't poop. He is in pain and his stomach is soft. He has been laying down and doesn't want to get up, but he has to keep switching sides because he is uncomfortable.

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay but I was out of email availability.  Has he been eating and drinking normally?  No poop at all, and for how long?  Would start with human mineral oil at 1/2 cup 50 pounds body weight now and again in 2 hours then give a 4 hour rest and if no poop repeat remedy.  If he has not been eating, for how long?  If more than a day he should have human vitamin B complex four tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cool and give as an oral drench.  If he is not drinking would orally drench with water or electrolytes.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: He is not eating or drinking. I have been putting some molasses and corn syrup in warm water and giving it to him by syringe. He fights with me and doesn't want it. I have him in the house with me so I can watch him.

Thanks for the update.  It is possible he also has pneumonia - sometimes pneumonia goes along with constipation.  When a goat does not eat for more than two days they usually come down with a secondary disease called poliomyencephalacia which is a neurological disease that can lead to death, but can be usually turned around.  This happens due to no vitamin B1/thiamin getting to the brain.  I would start on the vitamin B complex along with probiotics to keep his rumen going.  I might also advise starting on an antibiotic - I would go with the mineral oil first and if no change in 4 to 6 hours would start with penicillin injectable and re do the mineral oil remedy once again.  Hope this helps - Donna


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