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QUESTION: Hello we got some mini's in October, I am not sure if they were around a buck before we got them. Today one of our does dropped something that looked like a big mucus sack, not stringy like your pictures.  We have gotten a buck in December but he doesn't seem interested in them currently.  One goat looks really pregnant.  She has thinned out and is staying to herself. The one that dropped the big clump of mucus today was pawing when I went to check on here. This is our first group of goats, I know cattle but goats I am at a loss. Since we didn't have them when your calender says they would of been bred.  I am not sure should I be concerned they are sick? They both just had a cold last month but got over it.  Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: How big are we talking - 2 or 3 inches in size or much larger? Does this doe have an udder? Re the one doe that has "thinned out" I would check for her pelvic ligaments and if gone would put her in her own stall for kidding.  Is the doe who dropped the mucous clump pushing at all?  Is she still pawing?  If they were bred in late August they certainly could be pregnant or the one could have had a false pregnancy.  I would check their pelvic ligaments - abut 4 inches from their tail head you pinch the backbone with a thumb and forefinger then as you move those fingers towards the tail head you start spreading them out in a V shape - in non pregnant does the ligaments feel like pencils and when they are about 48 hours from kidding you can literally put the thumb and forefinger around the backbone at the tail head area.  Are both still eating and drinking okay?  Let me know - Donna

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What Blackie passed
What Blackie passed  

QUESTION: Yes they are eating and drinking, they are both put up, we keep them separate at night. 4 inches maybe, it almost looked like a sack size but as I pulled it apart I realized it was just mucus.  Blackie, the who dropped the mucus today is pawing when I went out there to check on them. The other one Pinkie is just getting over a cold, we treated her with Penicillin because she began to sound to respiratory for me being comfortable with her breathing. She is improving.  But she is not the one who dropped the mucus today.  It is our goat Blackie, she has been a bit vocal today.  She has a piece of something hanging out of her I can get a picture and send it to you.

Thanks for the photos - so the mucous sack could just be an abnormality from breeding - and shge could still be pregnant.  Feeling her ligaments will give you an idea if she is close to kidding.  Also, if she has an udder that would also indicate she most likely is pregnant/could be pregnant.  If she has a long mucous string hanging from her vagina that would indicate she is in the kidding process and if she is pushing she could be close.  Let me know - Donna


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