the hanging stuff
the hanging stuff  
QUESTION: Here are two more pics of Blackie, sorry couldn't load them on the other page.

ANSWER: Thanks for the photos of Blackie - she does not look as large as Pinkie.  It is possible Blackie is having a false pregnancy and so a false labor.  Again, if you can feel pelvic ligaments then she is not kidding.  If you cannot feel the ligaments anymore then she could well be kidding.  Is the discharge a whitish color - I was not able to enlage the photos so hard to tell - or is it a pinkish or grayish color.  

Re Pinkie - she certainly looks pregnant - I would check her pelvic ligaments and if she has an udder that also would indicate she is close to kidding.  Let me know - Donna

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Blackie and Pinkie
Blackie and Pinkie  
QUESTION: Its white sorta in color, Blackie is still has stuff coming out her today off and on.  Pinkie just looks miserable. I dont feel anything that feels like pencils on her, and she isn't hanging with the other goats, when we turn them in the yard she either stays in the chicken house or she says by our front door. Her appetite is good. But she looks like she is gonna pop. Here is a pic of them when we got them in August. As far as bagging up, we got them as milk goats so they both have had milk.  We are trying to stop milking them completely.

Thanks for the photos.  I would suspect that Pinkie is in early labor and would keep her in her own place all the time - keeping a bucket of water up off the floor.  Sounds like her ligaments are gone.  Re Blackie, the discharge looks like it is intrauterine tissue and could just be an abortion or she had an abortion earlier and she is passing left over items.  Are the pelvic ligaments gone from Blackie too?  Might think that if Blackie continues to have discharge she could have an intra uterine infection and may need injectable antibiotics.  Goats should be dried up/stopped milking within 2 months of kidding so their system has a chance to produce colostrum for the kid goats. At this point it is too late so I would advise purchasing powdered colostrum from the feed store (this will be bovine/cow) as kid goats must have 24 hours of colostrum after birth.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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