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i have a baby boer goat was born a week ago and today i found her eyes were shut and has discharge from the eye that was clear and the eyes were swollen shut. i tried to clean it in the morning with a clean cloth and warm water, but when i came back at noon it wasnt opened yet she has this film on the eye i dont know what to do or give her what.

She has an eye infection, could be pink eye/conjunctivitis or could be residual of intrauterine infection from its mom.  Is the mom doing okay?  So gently cleansing with warm water is great - start as soon as you can on NFZ puffer - an antibiotic powder that you puff into the eyes with the eyelids open, twice a day for 5 days - this should take care of the issue.  If you cannot find NFZ at the feed/farm store you get usually get terramcyin eye ointment - this ointment should be squeezed along the lower eyelid with the eyelids open, twice a day for 5 days.  Is the little one eating and drinking okay?  Let me know - Donna


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