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Goats/Herd sire seems paralyzed but isnt


I found my herd sire down Tuesday. He rises up on his front knees & thats as far as he goes. At first I thought he was paralyzed in his back end but he isn't. I seen him move his back legs Tuesday & yesterday. He is very alert but not more than usual. He is drinking & eating. There is no drooling, head pressing, no seizures,  no star gazing, no grinding of teeth, no diarrhea no facial paralysis. I was able to get him up yesterday but only on his back legs which he did put a little weight on. He didn't attempt to stand on his front legs. I started treating him for listeriosis & polio with pro pen g & high potency vb complex. I ran out of the vb last night. He hasn't been given anything today because I read some info about deer worms. I am so confused! I don't know what to treat him for! I have tried to get him up today with no luck at all. He doesn't lay on his side all stretched out. He lays with his legs under him. But today it seems he is hardly moving his back legs. He is VERY touchy with front feet. Please help. The more research i do the more confused I am. He is so big my husband & I cant get him up.

Hello - Have you taken his temperature?  Over 102.5 would indicate a fever/infection.  Has he been eating okay, peeing and pooping okay?  Polio is always a secondary disease when a goat has not been eating.  How old is he?  What color are his lower inner eyelids? Do you have deer that come into his pasture.  Do you have other smaller wild animals such as raccoons that may come into his pasture?

My first thought would be peumonia and for that would start him on penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day intramuscularly for 5 days.  Along with this he also needs probiotics.  If he is not drinking for you he needs to be orally drenched with electrolytes to keep him hydrated.  

Is he bloated?  

Let me know about the questions above - Donna


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