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We think our goat may have a sprained back leg.  Dogs attacked one of hour goats and killed it and we think while the other was running for safety under a fence the pulled on his back leg.  He does not want to put pressure on it and does not want to get up to walk we do not see any puncture marks and their was no blood from him. His urine is clear and no blood in his poop. He is not eating much and have really not seen him drink.  I have been going out every 2 hours to make him get up so he does not get pneumonia is their anything else we can do for him?

Is the leg hot to touch?  Is the leg swelled?  I would start with aspirin, human type - 1/2 of a 325 mg human aspirin per 50 pounds body weight - crush and dissolve in a little hot water to dissolve, cool and give orally every 4 hours for pain and inflammation help.  Would orally drench him with electrolytes - human type are fine - every 4 hours to keep him hydrated, if he is not drinking for you.  He may be in shock, so keeping him warm and in a smaller place/secure place will help.  If you had a supplement store open I would advise Arnica montana which is a homeopathic medicine for traumatic injuries and stress and shock.  If you are sure he has no puncture marks then no antibiotics should be needed - if you see anything that looks like a puncture wound then would start on injectable antibiotics - available at the feed store - let me know and I can give you dosings for these.  Would also start him on vitamin B complex with thiamin - human kind again is fine - four tablets twice a day - crushed and dissolved and given orally.  Would also give him probiotics - yogurt is fine - at least once a day - can mix in with other items if you want.  As long as there is no broken bones then it may take 3 to 4 weeks before you see him putting any weight on it.  Can continue with the aspirin for 7 days.  Let me knoiw if he is not eating by tomorrow - would then need to give him a mush that can be orally drenched to keep his rumen working.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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