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Goats/Lump in both cheeks of Pygmy goat nanny


QUESTION: I have a pygmy doe that had a lump in one cheek. Her coat was rough and stiff so I wormed her she started looking better then about two weeks later there was a lump in both cheeks. What could be the cause?

ANSWER: My first thought is caseous lymphadenitis. Has she been tested for that? If you have, a picture, it would help. Are the lumps actually in the check or more in the jaw area? If it is lower, it may be bottle jaw, which could be cured by a further deworming. What dewormer did you use and at what dose? Let me know.

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My goat
My goat  

My goat
My goat  
QUESTION: Here are pictures

They do look like lumps, rather than edema. Bottle jaw is edema under the chin. If you reach inside the mouth, can you tell whether the lumps are in the cheek, or in the gum line? They could be abscesses, and this is a prime area for CLA. The fact that they are recurring is a worry. I suggest you google caseous lymphadenitis and read about it. It is contagious, so that is a concern. You will need a vet to aspirate and test it if you want a definitive answer.


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