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Ahuva is a 7 y old goat and has just had her 5 th successful pregnancy and delivery.  After the recent birth we noticed a large lump about the size of a large half grapefruit, just below her sternum (breast plate).  It is outside the ribcage.  It is not rock hard but rather has some give in it suggesting fluid or lipoma.  It seems to have two lobes, one on either side of the midline.  It is not hot, red or tender.  No other lumps elsewhere.  
I was wondering about lipoma this size occuring on goats.  Alternatively can it be pregnancy related (say supernumery nipples that are now producing milk beneath the skin).  Other possibilities - cancer?  trauma? other cyst?


Sorry for the delay. I needed to research this. It doesn't sound like caseous lymphadenitis because of the size and that it has two lobes, although that is always a consideration with lumps that are not hot. This is also not the common location for CLA. You should read up on that anyway

You could try aspirating it for fluid to see what you get. This would help identify it. Make sure you wear gloves and do this in an area where there are no other goats, to avoid contaminating the area.

Goat Medicine has a small area on sternal abscesses and hygromas. The authors state that these are most common in goats with CAE virus. Has the goat been tested for that? They also discuss osteoomyelitis or enlargement of lymph nodes in the thoracic cavity, but you would need an xray to verify that. Another possibility they discuss is tapeworm cysts, but they would likely be hairless.

That is about all I can find. There were no references to lipomas, but I don't see why that couldn't happen. I know it is common in certain dog breeds.

It sounds like something that a vet should look at.  


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