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the stuff on her vagina
the stuff on her vagin  

Hi my name is Jodi and I have a doe that I bought that was suppose to be bred and due to kid in Nov. Well she is definitely pregnant but obviously wasn't bred and so I have no idea when she was now but she is huge my question is she has shown signs such as staring off , pawing the ground, rubbing up against things she has become more vocal and acts as if she don't want me to leave her I have checked her ligs and can still feel them but they are getting softer she has bagged up but she isn't strutted a little discharge but not sure if it is mucus plug or just dried urine she has been breathing very heavy and stretching while arching tail grinding her teeth and yawning a lot but no streaming she pants and breathes really heavy when laying but I figured it is due to kids making it difficult to breathe she has also been getting up and down acting uncomfortable her eyes are blood shot but they always look that way I am just curious as to whether or how soon should I expect kids oh and she has dropped drastically almost looks skinny sides on either side of spine are sunken in help I am getting worried cause she is showing a lot of signs and I think oh she will probably kid today and then nothing how long is it once they drop to birth approx ?

Thanks for all the information - good descriptions.  These are all signs of the start of labor, early on.  Once the pelvic ligaments are gone then it is usually 36 to 48 hours before labor and kidding.  The discharge is probably the mucous plug which can happen from 2 weeks to a few days before labor starts.  I would have her in her own pen if possible.  As long as she is eating and drinking okay I would just watch and wait.  If she stops eating that is another sign of labor starting within a few hours.  The udder certainly looks ready for kids too. I would think she should start into labor within a day or sooner.  Hope this helps.  Keep me posted- Donna


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