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Donna, I just went to check on the baby for the night... I was so happy that he showed interest in the hay this morning.. It really left my hope high in his recovery... I was shocked to see he had passed... It look to me as if he was laid on by his mother..I'm so crushed, I tried so hard to save him...  But, at least he won't have to suffer, and I won't have to know I saved him just so he could be butchered..I hope that if they decide to have more babies over there, they at least don't breed for winter deliveries...The temps are suppose to be 0 tonight..
Thanks so much for all your help..I wish I would have had the guts to have done the injectable beginning..Maybe he would have been stronger?

So sorry to hear.  Winter cold can really take a toll on little ones.  Was he in with his mom? or in his own place?  He could have had pneumonia.  He could also have had enterotoxemia - had his poop been yellow and soft in color at all?  It is hard to tell what took the little guy but at least he had someone who cared for him while he was here.  You're a good person.  Try not to take the loss too hard, although I know it is difficult.  Donna


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