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QUESTION: Our female goat has one of these. Treated her with penicillin and b shots this afternoon. Starting to improve. Should she be nursing her kid. She is laying with him and seems happy having him close but he s trying to nurse. He is 1 month old. Should we remove him?

ANSWER: Keep treating her, but supplement kid wit a bottle. It's good for tem to be together, as long as he isn't physically overtaxing her. Just make sure he isn't hungry. A little wont hurt.

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QUESTION: Thanks. How long until she is much better? She stood tonight breifly but is still weak. Not sure of sight. Can I give him lamb milk suppliment? We have that.

Sorry for the delay. Too much work. I would do it for at least a week. If you could get some thiamine that would be better than the B. I do not feed milk replacer--i use cow milk. BUt many people report success with the lamb milk replacer, so you can use that. Make sure you make it exactly according to directions for the best results.


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