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Hi Donna how are you? I have a 7 year old pregnant doe 100 lbs best guess , that is due to freshen any day . All appears to be going well and no complications as yet . She usually throws triplets , but 2 years ago she had 4 . I believe she again has 4 due to her size and some weight loss . She is eating well and because of the weight loss i have increased her grain intake to give her more energy . However i am concerned that her weight may be to low and am op[en to suggestions as to how to help her increase her weight or even hold it where she is . The indicator i use to check there condition is simply running my hand down there back . If its flat shes good if theres a lot of bone , not so good . In Ellies case a lot of bone . She has been wormed 2 weeks ago so this shouldn't be a problem . Thanks .

I generally add some extra fat to their feed - cooking oil and a little bread - you want to stay away from adding too much protein as that can cause ketosis.  You can add supplements such as a calf starter to help with fat and a little extra protein.  Would suggest continuing after kidding too wth a higher fat content.  Hope this helps - Donna  


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