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QUESTION: Hi Donna . Ellie the goat that was rundown recovered very nicely with the calf starter and oil . I am starting to get concerned though , as she is very , very pregnant , so much so she can barely get up on her own . My lamancha bred the same time freshened today , i was expecting ellie to be first . The kids are alive in her i see a kick now and then . A week ago there was mucus discharge , thought she would have them then . My question , should i be concerned or do you think things are going ok ? Shes not late yet by a day or two .

ANSWER: Hi there - sounds like last week's discharge was her mucous plug - assuming it was not a long strand, just some mucous - creamy or white in color?  Are her pelvic ligaments gone?  That is the best way to tell how close they are.  Is she up to date on her selenium/vitamin E and D?  The fact that she was run down a bit perhaps took a toll on her hormones and so she is a little slower in getting started.  If you see any long strands of discharge, see her pushing hard or moaning with no kid parts, and her pelvic ligaments are gone - so loose you cannot feel them, then might start to worry.  Have her sides dropped so her pelvic/hip bone areas look like she is thin?  Would offer her warm molasses flavored water - about 1/4 cup molasses to one quart of water - this sugar will help keep ketosis away, especially if she has multiples.  Glad you can see the little ones kicking - I would expect they are ready to come anytime.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , yes the gue was white and only a little . The pelvic ligaments are gone as well and the kids have dropped . I have given her molasses and warm water and also vitamin b complex and probiotics just to give her a boost . I have salon e , how much should i give her in an injection , and i'll pick up the vitamin d and e today , this is also injectable . To save on needle pricks to ellie can i combine the the two together ? Also the other lamancha freshened , a beautiful doe , moms and babys are doing great .

Hi there - thanks for the update.  Good idea to add the B and probiotics.  Re the "salon e" I have not heard of this specifically - I have used Bo-Se in the past but have not used for 10 years since starting use of oral selenium/E/D mixture - don't know if you can get the oral easily enoughg - but that would save the little lady an extra stick.  Re if you use Bo-Se it is 2 cc for an adult goat.  Sounds like the LaMancha doe is doing great - very nice to hear.  Hope this helps - Donna


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