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QUESTION: I have read form after form looking for answers ... I rescued a Nigerian Dwarf doe about 2 months ago she is now 8 months old and Due to deliver anytime ..Yes you read right 8 months old now 5 month gestation she was bred at 3 months of age to a Alpine Nubian with her being pregnant she only weighs about 45 pounds and shes so big she has a hard time walking .... My question is she is showing signs of being close to giving birth such as she is wanting to be alone where before ou could not pull her away from my fainting goat ..shes been talking to her belly she has a full bag big and shiny her ligaments are Soft but still their tho they have Moved farther away from her tail then what yhey were today he sides are sunken about all they can sink as shes already SO fat and i just checked her and she has discharge its clear and when she talks her vulva seems to spread open a bit ? Its been.big and swolen for a few days now more so then it has been ..... Also her kid or kids have stopped moving as of a few hours ago and she keeps holding her tail up and has been rubbing her belly along the birthing stall ... ( this is my firat birthing exp same as her ). I was told her ligaments have to totaly dissapear ? Not just move ? We do not have a goat vet in my town or any town close for that matter so i cant call one out to help ... HELP

ANSWER: Hello - so it sounds like she is in definite labor, possibly early but could be anytime.  When you say her pelvic ligaments have moved out, are you sure you are not feeling her pelvic bones instead?  Starting about 4 inches up from the tailhead on the backbone you place your thumb and forefinger pinching the backbone, then you start spreading your fingers in a V shape as you move towards the rear of the goat - at this point you should feel it very mushy there and no ligaments or just faint feeling of ligaments - you can literally put your thumb and forefinger around the backbone at the tailhead.  She certainly sounds like she is ready anytime.  When you say she has discharge - is this a long string of discharge or just a small amount? The kid goat not moving is okay as generally witin 24 to 12 hours of pregnancy they stop moving as much.  If you feel on the right mid abdomen can you feel the kid push or move against your hand? Has she pushed at all? Has she started making a nest by pawing the bedding? Since she is so young and therefore small and probably has a pretty big kid in her - usually at this age they only have one kid, but let's hope she has more, she undoubtedly will need some assistance. Glad you have her in her own birthing stall.  Would watch through tonight, thinking she will start her true labor.  If she pushes hard for more than 20 minutes without progress she will definitely need some help.  Call me anytime day or night and I can walk you through helping her - yes, even having to go inside to figure out what's up.  Having some towels ready to dry off the kids, an ear bulb to clean her nose and mouth of mucous, and some KY jelly type gel to help with possibly having to go inside her.  Also the kid(s) umbilical cords will need to be dipped in iodine after birth.  Hope this helps - Donna

Again, please, really, do not hesitate to call me at 360-742-8310, if you need me right away as e-mail can be slow sometimes.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: The discharge was clear and about an inch long maybe longer .. She has started like a chewing motion with her mouth and keeps yawning and streching her back out and then will arch it also i just checked her bucket she has drank 2x as much as she normally does ? I have a birthing kit ready as i have 2 other preggo does and yes im sure they are the ligaments i can feel them on my other two does my nubian who is not due for another 2 months is hard and my fainting goat who is due in a week is soft. And buttercup my nigerian hers feel almost like a rubber bungee cord ? Lol thats the best way i can describe it i can reach my fingers all the way around her tail at the base of her spine ive been able too for the past 24/30 hours ? Shes also been biteing the wood board on her stall she just started it about an hr ago .... I really just want her to be ok thru this i have done rescue for along time but shes such a sweet shy girl she has stolen my heart ... With as young as she was bred it worrys me ...... As im typeing ive noticed while shes eating her hay shes grunting and is stareing into space as well

Hi there - thanks for the update.  So, yes, you have described the pelvic ligaments - but glad they are at least expanding and they can literally go within hours of kidding, especially first time kidders.  All of the things you say she is doing goes right along with early labor - so would think it would be tonight sometime - sounds like you have all ready to go - even if she does have an issue with kidding, I'm sure I can walk you through getting through the issue, so, again, don't hesitate to call me.  Donna

Was also just thinking since she is a Nigerian, it is possible she just has a number of kids inside instead of one or two big ones, if that is the case, they may need to be under a heat lamp or brought inside for the night, if it is cold where you are.  


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