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Hi Cheryl,
 Thank you for taking my question. I'm concerned about my 3 year old Nubian doe. She had what appeared to be a successful breeding. We separated the buck for 1 1/2 months before he busted through our shed wall to get at another doe. There he stayed until the wall was repaired about 1 1/2 later. When the first due date came her bag was not filled and no signs of kidding. We assumed the first breeding didn't take, but the fertile buck had plenty of time for second chances.
3 weeks later she had a large amount of discharge, her bag was filled and she was waddling instead of walking. Baby monitor went into her stall. It's been 4 more weeks with no kids, no more discharge and now her bag is getting smaller. Still waddling.
  I've never had a goat's bag get smaller and don't know what this would mean. Her first pregnancy had no problems or oddities. Is something wrong with her or her pregnancy? What should I do?

Can you feel her kids when you feel her sides? Is she eating, drinking and acting normally? I am wondering whether it is a false pregnancy. Is there no way that she could have often impregnated less Than 150 days ago? Had her feeding regimen even upped so she just to a little fatter? Let me know.


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