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Goats/pregnant goat in labor 4 days now


my goat is pregnant and trying to kidd but no luck yet no kids i'm worried that the kids are dead and she cant exspell them my vet said to wait and see she has bagged and she has been trying to push but nothing is comming out i have her in the car parking next to the house its warm in thir and she is not as big as a regular pygmy about half the size she is a year old and i dont know if its normal for a frist timer to take this long could she have a baby in the wrong pistion so then it cant come out i will not go in her bc she is so small and she is scared of me but if you can help me out that would be great

First thing to check are the pelvic ligaments, if these are gone then labor/kidding will start in 36 to 48 hours - have you checked these - let me know.  If you can put a thumb and forefinger around the backbone at the tail head and it feels mushy/sunken on either side there then the pelvic ligaments are gone.  If you can still feel a little bit of pencil like things there then she has not lost her ligaments yet.  

Next are her side dropped down - from where she looked huge to now where up near her hips and sides she looks thin?

Next has she dropped a mucous plug - whitish to creamish color of a small amount of discharge.

Next is she dropping a long string of whitish to clear mucous? And if so, for how long.

When you say she has been in labor - has she been grunting and straining or just pushing a little here and there.  Has she made any nests - pawing up the ground.  

If she is pushing hard and grunting with that then she is in active labor - something may be stuck and after 20 minutes of this hard pushing and straining you or your vet would need to go in to see what is going on.  This is done nall the time with no injury to the doe or kids so don't be worried.

Let me know about the questions above and I will get back to you.  You are also welcome to call me at 360-742-8310 for questions - Donna


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