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My doe required an emergency c-section as I and the vet could not deliver the twin babies normally.  We tried to move them and the more we tried the weaker the doe got.  So happily, we have two live healthy babies and the doe is eating and drinking and other than a little weak the next day is coming around.  We were able to milk her right away and bottle feed the babies - so all is good with that.  Unfortunately, it is now two days since the surgery and her milk has not dropped. She is a nubian and has a nice bag which is firm but not hot - any ideas on what to do.  Babies are getting powder supplement and seem to be thriving.  I have massaged and she is not in any discomfort, but she should be able to supply her kids.

You can try feeding some lactogenic foods to help with the milk, also plenty of water. Plus keep milking to stimulate production. Foods that help with milk production include oats, carrots, yams, fennel, dill, are some common ones. Hope her milk has come in by the time you get this.


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