QUESTION: Good Morning Donna,
Yesterday i tried to call u but no answer so if u were wondering who called it was me. Okay update on Migi - late last night i gave Migi a dose of PEPTO B. b/c his diarrhea was still watery pudding like poop despite prior doses of PEPTO B. His poop was very dark greeenish to blackish in color maybe due to the PEPTO B. however late afternoon after he pooped there was this white jelly like mucous hanging from his butt so i wiped it off it looked like vaginal discharge and this morning in his poop there was that white jelly like mucous in one piece of his poop & his poop consistency was still soft but not as watery. Do i continue with the PEPTO B. or just wait b/c today makes 3 days i've been giving him PEPTO B. & I am concerned that the PEPTO B. might not be working. The weather is hot during the day and very cold at night. As for peeing hes fine lots of pee, eating a little more than a flake of hay but snack foods not much. As for drinking his water he drinks but very little i have put some electrolytes in it but drinks a little bit so i have to drench him from time to time. Do i still continue with his PROBIOTICS & VITAMIN B REGIMEN? B/c i haven't given him yet. Let me know Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

ANSWER: I'm looking at my phone and did not receive any call with "restricted" as the phone number - sorry.  

The mucous could be from the digestive upset and his rumen not working normally yet.  The dark color of the poop could be from the pepto - dosing of pepto is 1/2 cup per 100 pounds body weight every 4 hours for at least two doses and then let rest for 6 hours and if still diarrhea then re dose again.  Is that what you are doing?

I also worry about the mucous being from coccidiosis which can also cause green poop - it is not as hard in adult goats on the goat as it is in kid goats under 3 months of age.  But it can still cause poop issues.  Do you have any Corid or Sulmet oral antibiotics?  If not, I would at least start on whatever oral antibiotics you have - let me know.

Glad he is eating his hay, wish he was drinking more.  Perhaps you could throw some regular human salt onto his hay - perhaps two teaspoons on the flake - extra salt could cause him to drink more water and it will not hurt him.  

Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
I use to have sulmet drinking solution my neighbor gave it to me after someone stole her goat but i threw it out and i think our feed/farm store here carries sulmet. Even if i have the sulmet it taste NASTY how will Migi drink that if he has COCCI. I will call the feed/farm supply to see if they still have the sulmet. I only have the DURAMYCIN that i put in his VITAMIN B-COMPLEX REGIMEN. I will let u know about his poop & keep u updated. & No Donna i am not giving the PEPTO as u stated i am giving 1/3 of a cup of the PEPTO every 6 hrs twice a day thats it. b/c i'm afraid of him getting constipated, maybe i'm not giving him enough PEPTO B. Let me know Thanks Donna,

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Hi there - thanks for the info.  Sulmet is the best for treating coccidiosis - it also treats pneumonia and other infections.  But if you have Duramycin that will at least give his immune system something to fight the coccidia with until you have a chance to get the Sulmet.  The mucous can also be from bacterial digestive upset and so the Duramycin will certainly help with that.  Re the Sulmet, it is not used in the drinking water but is used as an oral drench, just like you do with the Duramycin - dosing is 1.5 cc per 15 pounds body weight twice a day - I mix in with either a little molasses or some honey or apple juice, and, you're right it does taste terrible.  

Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

Additional item - hi there - just saw that you are trying to call me - I'm at work and I my cel phone does not work inside our business and by the time I've gone outside the phone ring has stopped - and I don't have your phone number as it only says "restricted" when you call.  Let me know - thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
I just called the farm supply store & they do have sulmet so i will go there now to pick it up. Also i just came from outside and he did poop and his poop is now like soft tar like consistency and there was another small poop with the white mucous & brownish orange streak color in it. i don't know if its blood or not but it has the white mucous and that color mixed with the poop. So i will go now to pick up the sulmet. Please stay with me Donna, b/c i will need u to guide me through the sulmet process called u again and left a message at  is this the correct ph#? Please let me know. Thanks Donna.

Me & Migi

Hi there - did you get my last message re I'm at work and it's difficult to get out to answer my cel phone so today at least the e-mail works best - you can even use my work e-mail if you need to - donna.ruelassemasko@providence.org

I think the Sulmet is your best bet at getting Migi over whatever he has - it covers lots of items - mixing with a little apple juice or other sweetener, whatever you have - helps to cover the taste of the Sulmet - it will turn whatever you put in with it whitish and may bubble a bit - that's okay though - okay, keep me posted.  I would also give him probiotic at least once a day while he is on the Sulmet - would keep him on the Sulmet for at least three days.  


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