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Hi Donna,
Update on Migi - Donna u know i don't think hes sick i think it could be that hes just bored with the same food & hay b/c i'm constantly giving him day in & day out so it could be that right? Before i bought him inside he was climbing on the our fence trying to eat some weeds i feel bad b/c our yard dosen't have any green plants/forage i mean its not like we have an acre full of forage & plants. I feel like i'm depriving him of his livelihood as a goat. I mean i give him his hay and his snack food but its not like he has access to forages. Please let me know what i can do for him b/c i hate to see him not eat.

Me & Migi

Goats do well with a pasture that has nothing natural in it and are fed intensely, that is straight hay.   He could certainly be bored - adding some play toys for him might help - something for him to jump up and down from or go under or over, or just stand up on.  When I feed snacks to my goats I literally throw them all over the pasture so they have to search and find.  Since he was raised alone I doubt he is lonely.  If he is not drinking water well you could give him salted pretzels as a snack as these are easy to digest and the salt keeps him thirsty.  Re nothing to eat in the pasture, in one of the paddocks where I have goats there is nothing but dirt so they are on grass hay, grain, and get bread once a day as a treat.  Hope this helps - let me know.  As an extra, in one of the pens where my packgoats are I have a children's play ball and I see the goats kicking and playing with it.  Donna


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