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Hi Donna,
Update on Migi - I am going to give Migi PEPTO B. & no SULMET b/c i think its food related and see how that goes. Also Donna i went on ebay and found brand new hoof trimmers for goats for $8.95 so i am going to purchase it. They told me to be very careful b/c its super sharp. So how do i trim his hoofs? His back hoofs are long not curving but its pointed so i need to cut the tip but i'm afraid how much to cut. Then i see in pics when i google i see people trimming the underneath & the sides. Please let me know. Thanks Donna.

Me & Migi

Regular straight but short garden trimmers work well - I do not buy specific "goat" hoof trimmers - some are extremely sharp and can easily cut you if you slip - didn't I send you the goat health information packet some time ago?  In there is information on how to trim hooves and what trimmers to use - let me know.  Bottom line is that you need to cut the outside hoof walls (which go around each section of the two-part hoof) flat to where it meets the hoof pad.  There are some good diagrams on the internet, but the packet also has a diagram in it.  Let me know - Donna


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