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Hi Donna,
Update on Migi - U know Donna in the morning Migi gets his usual grass hay & snack foods for most of the day then when it gets too hot during the day i let him off his runner to browse his weeds and we have this ginger plant i don't know if u have them in the mainland however when i make him browse he goes directly to that ginger plant and eats the green leaf & i noticed that his poop was getting normal but after he ate most of the leaves his poop became clumpy dog like poop with large berrie form look to it so i don't know if its from that but i stop giving the mango leaves b/c u said that too much fresh greens can cause the clumpiness but i guess b/c we don't have big trees our yard is mostly made from coral so we can't grow big trees mostly green plants. & its not that i go & pick it for him its grows in our yard and he practically ate it all down to its core. I notice that when he also eats blue corn tortilla chips his poop gets that way too! The only way i can get him to go to his pen is if i bribe him with that otherwise he won't go to his pen. could both of these be causing his poop to be this way? B/c it started to become normal berries. Everytime i let him off his runner to eat weeds he goes directly to this ginger plant. I think i should shoot him with the water bottle when he goes to eat this plant? yes/no?? i can't seem to get him to stay away from this plant! Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

Thanks for the update - the ginger plant is sweet and that is why he likes it - would just not let him have too much of any one thing, especially if that thing causes softer poop.  But as long as his poop goes back to normal within a day or so it should be okay for him.  


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