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U know i just notice that when Migi pees he manages to pee but he seems to be straining very unusual when i took a look at it the part where the pee comes out looks red and there is hair growing out of the pee hole. I tried to pull some of it out so the pee can come out i don't know if thats causing it or not i am very worried b/c normally he pees alot. This is all of a sudden should i give him some lemon juice? help!

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Forgot to ask if he was pooping okay?  If you have not seen him poop he could be constipated and this is causing his urine flow to be slow.  Let me know.

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QUESTION: Thanks for asking that Donna u know he hasn't been pooping much just small little berrie clumps with some little berries thats it normally he poops alot. Funny u asked that. I was going to tell u that on the phone but i was afraid u might scold me. Glad u asked.

Me & Migi

Never worry about telling me everything.  Just want whats good for Migi, just like you.  Would watch his poop, if he does not keep pooping normally you might give him a little mineral oil to be sure that he is not constipated, as, again, that can cause slow urine flow.  Probably 1/4 cup of mineral oil would be plenty, just one dosing at that time.  


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