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Good Evening Donna,
Just updating u on Migi & the sulmet - U know Donna after i gave him the sulmet when we were emailing each other later late that evening at around 5:00 pm he made poop and his poop had already started to hardened up & had berrie forming look to it even though it was clumpy a HUGE difference from very soft pudding like diarrhea. & i continued the same dosage of sulmet & molassas around that time 5:00 pm but i also gave another 2 doses of pepto b. + his probiotic paste and he still continued to eat his hay. However he still shys away from his everyday snack food. Donna do u really think he has COCCI?? or could he just have digestive upset from me giving him seaweed, dried peas, & peanut butter wafer cookies? B/c i really don't know what caused this in the first place b/c i gave all three snacks all at the same time the seaweed, garlic dried peas, & the peanut butter wafer cookies I'm afraid now to give him those snack foods. Also Donna what if he dosen't have COCCI will continued sulmet harm his stomach? B/c i'm thinking about the nasty bitterness taste that could affect his stomach. Yes/or No. please let me know Thanks Donna u are a godsend bless your heart & i will continue to keep u updated!

Me & Migi

Unfortunately many times when treating a goat you have really no exact idea of what caused the symtpoms so what you do is treat with a "kitchen sink" method - cover a number of possibilities - none of which would hurt the goat even if they do not have that illness - so, no the Sulmet won't hurt Migi, as I said, as long as you are giving the probiotics.  

He could have also had a bacterial digestive infection which we also talked about and the Sulmet will help with that.  It is not just an anticoccidial medicine.  

So, glad he is doing better.  As I think I have said lots of times before, Migi has a sensitive digestive system and a few snacks might be okay but then too much or too different and it causes his stomach to react and that is when the diarrhea occurs and/or even a bacterial infection can take over.  

Hope this helps explain it.  Keep me posted - Donna


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