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Good Afternoon Donna,
Update on Migi - Just got back from the POST OFFICE & GROCERY STORE and i again would like to Thank u for the MEDICINE for Migi. Okay this morning Migi pooped all normal berries as for peeing so far peeing normal but at times he pees in small spots and often. I gave him his PROBIOTIC PASTE & B-COMPLEX REGIMEN i stopped the DURAMYCIN & gave his SULMET/MOLASSES 1 dose today and another dose tommorrow instead of 2 doses does that sound okay? Also re: The weather here is TERRIBLE THUNDERSTORMS will last till WEDNESDAY and even though Migi is pooping & peeing hes still hardly drinking water i have to drench him at times and maybe thats y hes peeing in small spots & often. He also looks lethargic & inactive i think b/c the ground is wet & damp & the air is very thick humid & sticky feeling. I also bought him some PRETZELS & some ANIMAL CRACKERS at first he looked very excited b/c he heard package noise he knows its goodies everytime he hears someone opening packages. he did eat some pretzels & maybe 3 animal crackers thats it. This morning he ate his hay and all his snack foods. U know Donna maybe i'm  expecting a little too much from the Migi before. I remember telling u that he couldn't stop eating his hay and that maybe we should stop giving the VITAMIN B-COMPLEX REGIMEN b/c he was eating too much. I guess we will just have to wait & see. I notice he likes to chew on wood & eat paper things. & hes really skinny now. like ANOREXIC! Please let me know. Thanks again Donna

Me & Migi

Thanks for the update.  He could have some wormer resistant worms - when is he due next for his wormer, and which wormer?  Re eating the wood - that is from being bored or it can be from being phosphorus deficient - that should be in his minerals or grain.  Pretzels and animal crackers are great for them - perhaps he is just not hungry for them now.  Sorry about such terrible weather.  Keep me posted - Donna


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