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Good Evening Donna,
Update on Migi - Today Migi feels a little better he now eats his hay but not like before where he eats alot. As for the weather the winds have settled a bit but still windy/& cold at night & now the vog has settled in too. He is still getting his vitamin b-complex & probiotic paste. I bought different snack foods & he likes the sunflower seeds b/c its salty & garlic flavored dried peas. I think hes bored with the same snack foods so he dosen't eat but when i give him the seeds & peas he seems to eat every bit of it. Sometimes he chews his cud & sometimes he don't still very skinny. His poop is starting to return to normal tiny clumps but mostly berries. Hes drinking for me now and peeing fine. There are days when he seems normal & other days not. Do u think he has worms? I wormed him a week ago and i noticed he seemed a little better but Donna even if i wormed him a week ago can he still have worms i don't know if its safe to keep worming him. Please let me know Thanks

Me & Migi

Thanks for the update.  Glad to hear Migi seems better.  Because of what we feel is a sensitive digestive system, you may find that Migi has more "off" days than other goats.  The drinking and eating better is of course very good.  Re the worming - it is possible he still has worms after worming - sometimes a goat has a high amount of worms and it takes a double dose of worming to get rid of them.  If you wanted you could re worm with the same wormer in three weeks and see how that helps.  Donna


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