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Update on Migi - U know yesterday we had thunderstorms/& heavy rains and so Migi wasn't feeling well he was getting better i gave some seaweed and some peanut butter wafer cookies and the next day he had all DIARRHEA WATERY so i let it run its course however he was still nibbling on his hay & showing interest in food. I drenched him with lots of electrolyte pedialyte mixed w/water to keep him hydrated b/c of the DIARRHEA but he still showed interest in food but when i gave him his regular snack food like he always gets he doesn't want to eat, but i know hes not sick b/c when i give him different snack foods like garlic flavored dried peas & some rice crackers he goes crazy for them if he was truly sick he wouldn't eat anything right? This has caused me so much problems b/c i feel like hes going to starve if i don't give in. But at the same time i don't know if these different foods is causing his DIARRHEA! He is bored of his regular snack food and is looking for different kinds of snack foods but he refuses to eat his regular snack foods that dosen't cause DIGESTIVE UPSET so now i'm just feeding him his hay. I think i have SPOILED him to the point where he is now testing me to see if i will give him different foods if he dosen't eat. I have given him PEPTO BISMOL 1/3 cup every 4 to 6 hrs three times yesterday & his poop is now starting to clump up from WATERY DIARRHEA so hes resting now. I shouldn't give any more huh? Just wait & see. His butt is a mess & i had to tie his neck to the fence post just to clean it up still has some hard dried DIARRHEA hardened & stuck on his tail & legs but i had it dried up and i brush it out b/c he just won't let me clean it up totally. Whew so hard! Btw today the weather here is now nice & sunny no wind/rain/ the weather here goes from nice to exteme very unpredictable. Please let me know Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

ANSWER: With Migi's sensitive digestive system any different feeds/snacks can potentially cause digestive upset/diarrhea.  Trying to get him on regular regimen of feed would be my advice.  Our goats get grass hay in the morning, every third day for most of them they get grain which is the general pelleted livestock feed (14% protein with correct calcium to phosphorus ratio for wethers and bucks to keep them from getting urinary stones), free choice salt, and either in the morning or at night they get bread (not a lot but enough to give them a snack and help with winter cold, giving them a little fat on their bodies).  Once in a while - maybe every 3 or 4 weeks I might give them pretzels.  That's it - nothing else, everything is generally the same.  And, they also get bored with their grass hay - so if they don't finish it up by the next day, I don't give them a full share of it - not wanting them to waste it.  Usually by the third day they are eating their hay again.  Did you ever try the pelleted feed for him? Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
The one time & only time was when he was 6 months old i bought a 50lb bag of NUTREANA SWEET FEED b/c here at the FEED/FARM SUPPLY only carries big size goat feed & he didn't eat it so i was going to give it to my neighbors goat named 'EMILY" but someone stole her & at the time i didn't know anybody with goats so the whole 50lb bag went to waste. But u can buy COB in quantities but i tried it once & he didn't eat it. Maybe i'll try again but is so hard b/c i spoiled him ROTTEN! (My Fault) b/c really when my nephew bought him home i had absolutely no idea how to raise goats more so what to feed them & i didn't want my nephew giving him to other people for food consumpton NO WAY!!! so thats y i went to the grocery store to buy all these snack foods (GEEZ now i'm in a crisis & dealing with these issues)! LOL! None the less I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH! What do u mean by general livestock feed? Is it like loose round pellets something that looks like rabbit poop, or is it like alfalfa cubes. Let me know. Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

Thanks for the update.  COB is good too, but generally I find that goats like the wet COB - it has molasses in it - instead of the dry COB (no molasses).  You can start him on a little of that a day (probably 1 cup to start with.  I would have to look at the label of the Sweet Feed as Nutrena tends to have grains that are made for the doe/dairy goats and thus have the wrong calcium to phosphorus ratio for bucks and wethers.  I totally understand about spending money and then it goes to waste.  I also totally understand that you really have done a great job caring for Migi and you do love him, easy to tell from the e-mails.  I like that so much.  So the livestock feed is a pelleted feed - has no alfalfa in it at all.  Let me know - Donna


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