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Update on Migi - Updating Migi i gave him his sulmet at 1:00 p.m and also his probiotics & i gave him his b-complex regimen and i gave him his hay he ate about 2 flakes then he just stands around looking bored & depressed i tied his neck to the fence post to wash some diarrhea off his butt & he didn't like it but since then hes been acting depress and just stand and walks around like hes sick i offer him his normal snack foods but he dosen't eat. Could it be that hes still recovering whatever illness he has? How long will the sulmet take for him to feel better or could he have something else wrong with him. Let me know what u think. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

ANSWER: How long did it take him to eat the 2 flakes of hay?  And is that all the hay he gets in a day? As an example per one goat at our farm they would get anywhere from 1 flake to 2 1/2 flakes of hay a day - they finish it up - then they also get perhaps 4 pieces of bread once a day.  I'm thinking that's a lot of hay for Migi and if he eats it all at once that could be affecting his rumen too.  When goats over eat they generally just stand and let the rumen work.  Since his poop is better and no more mucous I would suspect the Sulmet is working.  Hope this helps - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Donna for the update i give it to him in increments a little at a time then when he finishes he stands around near his water pail and chew his cud then he cries for some more then i go out and give some more then hes quiet then i peek out the back door to see what he is doing then he goes to  drink his water then stands around chewing his cud. Before he use to lie down and chew his cud but i don't know y he stands up for most of the time i think the reason he dosen't want to lie down is b/c the ground is damp from the rain. Its a repeat of him doing this so throughout the day it equals i'm guessing to around 2 flakes total in a day. Hes continuing to poop more pellets than clumpiness so its a good thing. Then i let him off his runner and he goes to look for weeds and greens. Then when hes done he wants to come inside the house for some snacks but i'm afraid to give him anything new now. When he knows i'm going to give him the same ol snacks he starts climbing on the table & starts swinging the potato chip or corn chips bag to get in open b/c he wants something new & thats when the trouble starts with digestive issues! I'm not gonna lie to u b/c thats when i feel bad that hes going to starve if i don't constantly give him something to eat. But just now before coming in to email u i let him off his runner and we were playing. i push back his horns and he pushes back so i think hes starting to feel a little better i hope by tommorrow hes feeling more better. I think i'm going to buy him a tykes play set & see how it goes. B/c i think hes lonely all by himself. Let me know what u think. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Sounds good the way you feed him.  You know he can have a few snacks but nothing strange - chips are okay but some of other items are what gets him into trouble.  If he is eating hay he will not starve.  Glad he seems more himself.  Standing around too is what goats do when they have nothing to do or anyone to play with.  Some play toys might be good for him.  Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
U know Donna i was just thinking our neighbor has this palm tree with lots of berries hanging and according to her she said when her granddaughter touched the berries even her their hands become numb & the palm tree is a big tree and the branches and leaves are hanging over our fence and i notice that before Migi got sick he was over the going to town eating the palm leaves even today before i bought him in the house he was eating the rest of the leaves thats hanging over. I wonder if thats causing his illness. He don't eat the berries just the leaves. However goats normally knows what they can & cannot eat don't they? Just a thought since i was giving him all this snack at the same time i can't pinpoint what exactly caused his illness or it could be that he really does have cocci and has nothing to do with what i am giving him. Note: My mother is talking to Migi as we speak shes telling him awwwwww mommys not giving u corn chips she said he looks sad. But i need to hold truth to what i say not to give too much like Donna said. U know Donna the reason i give him those snacks is b/c when i tell him to go into his pen he dosen't listen so i feel like i have to bribe him to go inside & once inside i feel bad so i give him the snack. Let me know what u think. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

Good observation on your part - many palm trees are toxic/poisonous to all livestock.  That could be Migi's issue.  With this new information if you want to stop his Sulmet you can.  Did he ever have any foam around his mouth during his illness or just before?  

I'm going to send you something that may help if the palm is the issue - would you send me your address - you can send it to my work e-mail so it is kept private if you'd like.  In the meantime if Migi comes down with digestive issues again I would give him milk of magnesia - this flushes the toxins and other items out of his digestive tract.  

I understand about the snacks - again, just a few is okay, it's the lots of snacks that can cause issues.  Corn chips should be an okay snack as it really is a natural food for livestock.  Donna


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