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Thanks Donna,
Sorry i had to email u through PROVIDENCE EMAIL allexperts said too many questions. Okay gave Migi his LEMON JUICE & DURAMYCIN + PROBIOTICS all seems well he continues to pee well however i'm still having a hard time with him drinking his water i've tried putting salt on his hay but i experimented with only very little hay b/c i didn't want to waste it. As soon as he found that the hay was wet he didn't touch it AT ALL! So i'm drenching him with water. I will buy some GATORADE and add that to his water & see how it goes. As for his poop it is still dog like poop berries all sticking together in one clump. U know Donna re: His snack foods i've been giving him his normal snacks what i mean by normal means these foods that i've been giving him that DOSEN'T CAUSE his poop to clump up he now dosen't like it. However the snack foods that i think that might be causing his poop to clump up he loves to eat but now i don't give any. I'm just having a hard time finding foods that is NUTRITIOUS & will not cause clumping & will not harm his DIGESTIVE TRACT. We know he has a SENSITIVE DIGESTIVE TRACT so its just so hard for me putting foods together for him that he will eat & not harm his DIGESTIVE TRACT. I have no PROBLEM at all with his HAY he loves it dosen't cause harm but really i just don't see him eating it all day long i feel i need to rotate his HAY with something else but what???? & i hate to experiment with different foods b/c it'll be back to square one w/diarrhea & clumpiness. WHEW!. Also Donna u know my MOM wanted to ask u if the PYTHON DUST that i put on Migi can be used on DOGS b/c one of our dog is LOADED w/BLOOD SUCKING TICKS my MOM used ADAMS FLEA & TICK SPRAY but it just dosen't seem to be working. Let me know Thanks so much Donna.

Me & Migi

Thanks for the info.  Would try the hay dry with just sprinkling some salt on it - some salt will fall through but some will stick (without water).  Re food for him - did you say your feed store had COB or the general livestock feed? You might try either of these - don't know if they have these in smaller amounts for you to try.  

Re the python dust - yes, that can be used on almost any animal - I use it on my dogs with great success.   Hope that helps.


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