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Good Morning Donna,
I have a question the lady from the feed/farm store and told me that they now carry orchard grass hay and if i wanted to have Migi try the orchard grass however i told her that i still have lots of grass hay for now, so my question is what is the difference between orchard grass & the grass Migis eating premium grass hay? If i try it will Migi get sick?? Thanks Donna Let me know!

Me & Migi

Hi there - so orchard grass is a sweeter hay, has about 12 to 14% protein and lots of vitamins and minerals in it, more than regular grass hay (9% protein and only some vitamins and minerals).  I like orchard grass as a change for the goats - you don't feed as much and they usually finish it all up - you can even do a half and half amount - have you tried a hay feeder of sorts so you can put his hay in it and leave it for him to eat whenever he wants - of course it needs to be covered to keep it fresh if he does not finish it.  Does the feed store ever get the small compressed bales of orchard or timothy hay in?  You know last year I had contacted a local feed store on your island to see what they would charge for the compressed bales and they said they had them - I still dream of moving my goat herd to Maui where our son lives - have to win a lotto first, ha, ha.  Anyway the compressed bales take up much less room, are usually very cost effective and break up easily (I feed in a laundry basket attached to the fence) so the goats readily eat it and don't tend to pull it out of the basket and leave on the ground.  

Hope this helps - Donna


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