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Goats/re: sick billy goat question on 1/21


Thanks so much for your reply Donna! I didn't see my boy at the time he injured himself but he jumps against the pen gate regularly to protest being locked up. When I wen't to feed him breakfast last Wednesday morning the "goat hut" sign I have hanging over the pen gate had fallen down so I'm assuming he caused some commotion and hurt himself...I checked the fencing on the gate for blood or hair and didn't see anything.

He's on Purina Goat Chow and as of yesterday I offering him only a small amount (less than half a cup). I added a bit of alfalfa to his hay to encourage him to browse and he's going for it. I gave him and his bestie some branches of dead oak leaves (they love the crunchy leaves) yesterday and today so I hope that didn't cause him to have the clumps. He's had probiotic paste for 2 days so far and I gave him two multi vitamins (for  humans) and one B1 vitamin today.

He's perkier today and seems to be eating alright and drinking the warm water I offered him 3x today. His stools are clumped and a little loose and his fever is down to 103.7 and he's using his leg quite a bit although I can tell its still sore. I gave him some apples and slippery elm powder for the clumpy stools. I just got some ow-eze tincture (herbal remedy) that I'll give him tomorrow for his leg/foot.

The vet told me today to keep an eye on him and continue with the probiotics to get his digestive system back on track. I'll ask him for some penicillin tomorrow if the temp is still up. I'm going to buy a new thermometer first thing tomorrow and check his temperature just to be sure its a correct reading. Is a regular digital thermometer okay? I'm scared to give him aspirin because I gave him two 81 mg aspirin a couple days after he hurt his leg and the next morning was when he started looking ill and feverish....not sure if he reacted to the aspirin negatively.

My goat hut is an old small chicken coop with a tin roof and I've insulated it a bit with foam board. I know they are not recommended but he has a heat lamp directly over his bed (the cords are tucked out of sight and there are two open exits in the hut). His sisters has been snuggling with him at night too so hopefully hes warm garage is full of things he could get into and cause all sorts of trouble.

Sorry for the extremely long reply! I'll keep you updated on his progress tomorrow and will look into the tips you gave me. THANK YOU!!! I'm a new goat mom and want to keep my little guy healthy!

Hi there - thanks so much for the update.  Sounds like you have things under control.  Glad he seems a bit better and his fever is down.  Most farm/feed stores carry the penicillin - and use of 20 gauge 3/4 to 1 inch length needles are the best to use - also at the feed/farm stores.  A regular digital thermometer works great - I put a little vaseline over the metal part and that is all you have to put into his anus, just the little metal part.  Doubt the aspirin caused the illness - sounds more like a possible osteomyelitis, if indeed he has a fracture, even a small fracture line.  With the stress of injuring himself and the cold weather - even though it sounds like you have a great place for him to sleep, he could also have begun with pneumonia - for which penicillin works very well.  Glad he is eating.  You're doing a great job - keep me posted - Donna


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