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Good Morning Donna,
Update on Migi - I just came from outside to feed Migi his breakfast & i took his temp its 99.7 is this normal? I fed him his breakfast hay & regular snack foods also all his meds. probiotic paste, vitamin b-complex & sulmet since its his third day instead of 2 doses i will give just 1 dose & see how that goes. Okay Donna my address is:

Lila Ann Asato
85-988 Mill Street
Waianae, Hi 96792

Yeah so i don't know if its the palm tree thats causing his illness. I will cut the remaining leaves that is hanging over the fence. I just hate doing that b/c it just takes away another plant that keeps Migi busy when hes outside. Like i said before our yard has nothing absolutely nothing just a few weeds here & there some small koa tree here & there but he really dosen't eat the koa which i hear from other goat owners that they say koa is the best for goats but Migi is just spoiled ROTTEN & its truly my fault. U know Donna our yard is mostly coral & cement that is why i have my neighbors who i depend on & really they say its not a problem at all. They say whatever Migi needs i can just go over there to pick up greens for him but u know Donna i notice Migi likes to climb on the fences and pull down the greens himself so sometimes even though i pick the greens i have to hold it tight in my hands so he can pull it off the branch if i pick the greens and put it in the bucket he won't even touch it. So hard. Sometimes Migi just drive me too tired. My true down time is at around 10:00 pm. Thats y i give alot of goat owners alot of CREDIT BLESS ALL OF U!.. Other than that i feel so bad for Migi b/c i feel like i'm depriving him as a goat to take him out of his goat enviroment is kinda sad but at this point theres is no turning back i mean i can't put him back in the wild! the other goats will kill him! & theres no way of me giving him away! Thats not even an option. So I try my best thats all i can do. It would really be a wonderful reality if u could move your herd here to the islands then we can finally meet and u could meet Migi! But my house is nothing probably compared to most its pretty much a grass shack LOL! but i wouldn't move elsewhere our house is very quiet comfortable spacious i mean just feels homey. But like i said the only problem is can't plant anything. Anyways let me know.

Me & Migi

Hi there - thanks for the address.  Will send you something to help Migi with digestive issues and even help if he eats something toxic.  

Re Migi liking to climb trees and "work" to get his food - you know the folks at zoos make feed boxes and other feeders that make the animals work for their food to keep them interested and active.  You know, all goats can be frustrating at times - really.  So don't feel badly.  You really are a great caretaker for Migi and he would not be here if not for you - you're doing a great job so don't get frustrated.  I would love to live in Hawaii - whenever I visit our son, it is so peaceful and beautiful and I can't get enough of the sand and water.  Who knows, someone has to win the lotto!  Would be great to visit you and Migi.  

Hang in there - talk with you later - Donna


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