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Good Afternoon Donna,
Update on Migi - U know Donna just took Migi ouside and put him on his runner and gave him his hay & his snack foods however on his way down the stairs he pooped normal berries except for this one small clump of berrie poop as observant as i am i got down to examined the small clump and there was red mucous like streaks on the poop i assume its blood. Does this means he has cocci? i gave him a dose of sulmet & molasses this morning & thats all i was going to give him however should we still continue the sulmet at 2 times a day if so for how many more days? Today makes 3 days already. So far hes eating normally but not drinking today the water level is not going down so i assume he hasn't been drinking for the most part. Please let me know regarding the poop. I'm scared first time i see blood. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

Thanks for the update.  So, the blood can be from coccidiosis, or digestive bacterial infection, or worms.  Since you have seen this I would continue the Sulmet twice a day for another 2 days at least.  I can also be from the diarrhea he had causing the blood vessels in his anal canal to pop and leave blood.  As long as you are not seeing a huge amount I am not so worried.  The next time you have a chance perhaps you can look at his lower inner eyelids and let me know the color.  Hoping they are pink.  White would mean he is a bit anemic.  Let me know - Donna

PS - Heading home from work in about 15 minutes (5:30 p.m. Pacific time) so allexperts or call to get a hold of me - thanks.


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