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QUESTION: Good Morning Donna,
Thanks for the reply okay i just took Migi out to do his business & lots of pee the poop has hardened into berrie clumps looks okay nibbling on his hay. This weekend we are having T'STORMS. Just gave Migi 1/2 LEMON JUICE + 1 1/2 TEASPOONFUL of DURAMYCIN mixed w/a little MOLASSES & HOT WATER gave orally w/PROBIOTICS. However i think i need to DRENCH him with water hes just stubborn to drink even with some electrolytes sweetner. Can i give him some powerade instead of pedialyte? Maybe he likes the powerade better b/c its probably sweeter. Let me know. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

ANSWER: All sounds good - the berry clumps could be from constipation - would keep an eye on that.  You can use whatever electrolytes you want - I use gatorade powder and put it in their water and they like that, drinking it up themselves.  Have you tried salting his hay yet?

Also, wanted to tell you that you will be receiving a product from Platinum Performance - it is called BioSponge - it comes in a tube and for a goat Migi's size the dose is about 2 inches of the product - this is a product that sucks up toxins and poisons from his rumen and digestive tract - it is made for horses, but I have been using on the dogs and goats when they have digestive issues that I assume are from eating something bad - they may have diarrhea or be vomiting - and I may have seen them eat something poisonous - so I give this to them orally once and then again 2 hours later - I do mix it in with milk of magnesia so that I can give it as an oral drench.  It has worked very well.  It looks like clay - it needs to be shaken before you squeeze out the contents - it keeps on the shelf/cupboard - just not in the sun and the refrigerator seems to dry it out too much.  It should keep for a while - thought you might just need it someday.  My gift to you - but, tell Migi not to eat any bad things - ha, ha - okay - keep me posted. Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Oh DONNA u are such a sweetheart & a godsend to Me & Migi we can't thank u enough though. Okay do u think they carry that at feed stores/ b/c if so i can bring it over to the feed supply and they welcome any new product that will benefit livestock here b/c they really don't have alot of MEDS due to the limited livestock here compared to the MAINLAND. No i haven't yet tried the salt on his hay i'm afraid that if i spray water on it for the salt to stick what if he dosen't eat it will this cause bloat b/c of the wetness/dampness? Donna do i still give Migi 1/2 cup of LEMON JUICE at 3 doses today as well? & the DURAMYCIN 2X a day for 5 days just to be on the safe side? I also notice that when i don't give him his vitamin b-complex his appetite decreases like yesterday & today just nibbling but i feel so overwhelm trying to remember what & what to give. Last night before i went to bed i gave him 1/4 teaspoonful of AC (AMMONIUM CHLORIDE) mixed w/ 1/4 of warm water since he was peeing as a preventative is this okay. Again Thank u so much and btw just let me know if u want more MAC NUTS or anything from here just ask i will send u some japanese cookies they are really good along with some MAC NUTS just let me know okay don't feel shame b/c Me & Migi really do appreciate all your EXPERTISE KNOWLEDGE in goats if it wasn't for U Migi would have passed along time ago. But u know Donna I DO TRY MY BEST & u know just being around Migi is so enjoyable & he just makes everyday so special.

Re the spraying water/salt mix or water and then springling salt on the hay - this won't cause bloat - but would do a trial on a small amount of hay to make sure Migi will eat it - and if he does you only have to salt it once a day, just enough to get him to drink a little more water.  Even though Migi seems great on peeing today, I would give him another two doses of the lemon juice today - 2 to 4 hours apart, and also the duramycin for another 4 days, just to be safe and cover all our bases.  Giving him ammonium chloride anytime is fine - it will not hurt him.  Re the vitamin B complex - his system may just need the extra boost to his metabolism to eat better so if you want to stay with vitamin B complex every day or every few days it will not hurt.  

You and Migi have given me more than my share of gifts.  BioSponge is not available at feed stores to my knowledge but you could certainly pass on the information to the feed store - especially if there are horses there, the BioSponge really was designed to keep their digestive tracts clean and clear - even if you saw the horse not looking quite normal or just not eating well, you would give him the BioSponge.  The company Platinum Performance makes a lot of products for cats, dogs and horses - powdered items with vitamins and probiotics, etc.  I have a little dog who is always having digestive issues and I use the BioSponge on her probably once a week, I am even thinking of trying some of their digestive powdered products on her to see if that would keep her healthier in the long run.  

Keep me posted - Donna

PS - Goats can be trying, but when they look at us with their funny faces they really do melt our hearts.  If you have a chance go to this site on the internet - it is sooo funny!  


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