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QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
Okay just updating on Migi - Okay will not give OATMEAL i'm trying my hardest to find things for Migi to eat without him having DIGESTIVE ISSUES. Okay Donna went to check on him hes eating the hay with the salt finally! Then i went to grab a bowl full of fresh plain water and he drank 1/2 i think he prefers the plain water w/the AC only. I won't say he dosen't like the  kool-aid maybe he dosen't like the flavors of the kool-aid. I just took him out for pee while it stopped raining & hes peeing okay & his poop is getting better small clump with berries and some normal berries so its looking POSITIVE! Do i continue the sulmet/molasses for 2 more days at 2 doses? Well my neighbor was right then NO UNCOOK OATMEAL. However Donna then whats the difference between the feed store oatmeal & the human oatmeal? Just curious. Let me know Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Sounds like Migi is doing well.  You could stop the Sulmet and molasses whenever you want or you can continue it for two more days, your choice since Migi is doing well.  Re the feed store oats - these are crushed whole oats and dried, a consistency that does not swell up in the stomach.  The human oatmeal is dried but not crushed and made so it will soak up water quickly.  Hope that helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
Thanks for the Info regarding the OATMEAL. Okay can i give him some PRETZELS but i remember the last time i bought PRETZELS he didn't even touch it! But i will try again. Donna the feed store has straw hay what is straw hay is that for goats to eat or is that for bedding use only. just curious b/c i am going to the feeds store this weekend maybe to pick up some ORCHARD GRASS HAY & some COB for Migi to try something different. U know Donna i feel very bad for Migi b/c i'm taking away alot of his snack foods & letting him just eat hay & just corn chip & little snacks here & there. But i told him I AM OVER WITH THIS DIARRHEA yelling at him b/c i am constantly washing his bedding and his butt! but i calmed down b/c i realized that its my fault for allowing this to go on for years. Oh well i'll keep u posted!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know Thanks Donna!

Pretzels and peanuts (shell on/salted) are both great snacks for goats and usually they like them.   Straw hay can be eaten by livestock but it really has no nutrients to it at all and is usually used for bedding.  You're right, you can't yell at the animals when it us who feeds them - but don't kick yourself, really, as we both know that Migi seems to have a sensitive digestive system.  Hang in there.  Donna


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