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Good Evening Donna,
I wonder if he has worms i wormed him a month ago & i remember u telling me re-worm again in 10 days but i didn't. Right now i am out of safeguard & zimecterin & need to purchase some. Can the clumpiness be b/c of worms? When i was giving him sulmet/molasses for what we think he had (coccidiosis) his poop was all normal berries. I notice when we stopped the sulmet/molasses b/c we needed to treat UC or UTI its started clumping up. Or could it be too much molasses thats causing the clumpiness. I doubt it but just wondering. Just trying to find the cause of his poop. Let me know Donna.

Note: The vog is here & we are expecting THUNDERSTORM starting sunday through tuesday i wonder if the vog is making him lethargic & only nibbling on his food

Me & Migi

Because he was ill with something, that could have caused the clumpiness of his poop.  I would give it another few days and see how things are.  As long as he is pooping, that is a good thing, and that it is not soft plops now that is a very good thing. Doubt the molasses has anything to do with it. Donna


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