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QUESTION: Ok Donna Here is my newest problem.  First off, the little doe born a week ago is thriving. She is still indoors w/ us but we are actually loving it.  She is on 4 oz. milk @ every 4 hours.  Not sure if this is right but u can let me know.  

Now on to the main reason I emailed.  Baby Zee and his brother Chester were born Nov. 20, 2012.  So they are about 7 weeks.  I noticed this morning Zee was scouring.  I did drop his midday bottle and only give 2.  And w/ that I added 2 ounces to both of those bottles making him get 11 ounces 2 x day.  I thought that was the culprit and went ahead and gave him Sulmet and a little pepto.   In the meantine I saw that Chester is scouring also. He is still nursing and I have done nothing new w/ him.  They both are very active and huge. They have full access to hay and occasionally a little grain but not much at all.  Is there anyway they could be wormy??  They are in w/ the older goats but I have no problem with the older ones.  If they are wormy are they to young to treat??  Thank you in advance

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Re the little doeling, sounds like a good amount, you can increase 1/2 ounce whenever she seems to be still hungry and her tummy is not distended from eating after finishig the 4 ounces.  

What color is the diarrhea? Brown indicates an infection or just digestive upset (from the change in feeding regimen).  Yellow is enterotoxemia.  Green is coccidiosis, White/cream is E. coli.  Let me know what color and we'll get a remedy going.  Sulmet and pepto are always great to start on no matter what.  Generally you do not treat for worms (huge abdomen) until they are at least 2 months old.  Is Zee eating anything else besides the bottle?  Is the little guy outside eating anything more than just from his mom?  

Let me know - Donna   

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok the poop is like a dark brown ( not quite black) They both run in the lot with their mom and the other does. They both have full access to hay and water. I only give them grain every couple days at this point.  What are u meaning by (Huge abdomen)  They are very healthy looking and they do have a fat belly.  

Now I do have the bottle calf still in w/ them and noticed yesterday that she was scouring. It is almost more of a dark green so I really do not think it is the same.  I also had to switch her milk yesterday which I think is why she scoured.

Thanks for the update.  Sounds lik this could either be a digestive or bacterial scouring of all three - would keep up on the Sulmet (calf included) and probiotics (powder or yogurt).  Re grain kid goats under 2to 3 months old should not really have any grain but a calf manna as other grains are dfficult for their developing rumens to work with and can cause diarrhea.  Would go with the Sulmet for 5 days along with probiotics and pepto bismol for all.  Re a fat abdomen - when you look at a kid goat who has not eaten it's bottle yet you should see a slimmer kid goat - no belly - then afterwards a belly comes about from drinking of the milk.  As in puppies and kittens when yousee a fat tummy all the time that usually indicates worms.  Would hold off on worming until a least 2 months old and then use of Safeguard horse wormer paste works well at 1/2 inch orally for kid goats.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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