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Hi Donna!  I went out this AM for my barn check and also fed some grain. I have a pygmy doe about 2 yrs old who just kidded in Nov. but lost the baby due to the temps. I noticed that she was shivering while I was out there. Not sure is she was nervous or something due to the chaosis at feeding time or what. She has lost alot of weight due to kidding, but she is normally very small anyway. She seems to be eating good and acting normal also. I plan to check in on her in a bit and if shivering I will try and get a temp. on her.  I di however pull her out of the herd for some TLC. Other than grain, is there some other type of food to feed to put some weight back on her?  I do plan to worm here in a day or so those who need it. What would you suggest as a good all around wormer. I would prefer it to be some sort of liquid or paste because Im no good at shots and the husband will be working.  I usually give safeguard for goats liquid or horse paste.   What do ya think?

Hi there - would definitely take a temp on her.  Shivering in goats is generally either due to a fever or to constipation/low body temp goes with this.  It can also just be due to being cold and not being able to warm up.  If you have a children's sweatshirt that works well on goats to help get them warm.  Giving her some warm molasses water can help warming up from inside out.  Have you seen her poop?  Glad you pulled her out so she could eat by herself.  You may need to do this everyday at least while she is eating her grain.  I use a general purpose livestock pelleted feed that is 14% protein and has vitamins and minerals in it - works well for all goats, then if I need to add a little extra fat and protein to a goat's feed I use calf manna/starter - to about 1 cup of regular grain you would add 1/4 cup of this - of course you have to start this grain a little at a time for the rumen to get used to it.  She can even have a pneumonia without having a fever.  I might advise starting on antibiotics - you can use Sulmet liquid (1.5 cc/15 pounds body weight) twice a day for 5 days or you can use terramycin powder or duramycin powder (1 teaspoon per 75 pounds body weight) twice a day for 5 days.  Both of these antibiotics are best mixed with a sweetened water or apple juice as both taste terrible, mix and orally drench. Whether or not you start the antibiotics I would start her on B vitamins (complex with thiamin) and probiotics (yogurt or paste or powder) once a day (if on antibiotics goats must be on probiotics too).  

Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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