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Okay, I just got off the phone with my vet and he said I should treat him with penicillin and a 2x a day antiseptic foot bath. He told be 2.5cc penicillin 2x a day and to give the shot in his neck just under the skin. You recommended LA200 in the thigh once a day which sounds easier to me. Are there any major differences in the medicine (risk factors or possible allergic reaction)? Are they both available otc?

Penicillin and foot soak sound great.  Normal dosing for penicillin is 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day given intramuscularly in the rear thigh muscle.  The LA200 is also given intramuscularly.  Subcutaneous injections work okay but only half the antibiotic gets to where it is supposed to go using that method.  I always advise intramuscular injections.  The LA200 can be given either way and so can the penicillin, it is just that intramuscular is really best to deliver the specific antibiotic.  Given that though, any antibiotics that get into a goat's venous system (veins) can cause anaphylactic shock which can be fatal and that is why once the needle is in the muscle you need to draw back just a bit to see if blood comes into the barrel, which would happen quickly once you draw back a little.  If you absolutely do not want to do intramuscular injections you can use LA200 at 4.5 cc/100 pounds once a day for at least 5 days or the penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day for at least 5 days.  For subcutaneous injections, the neck skin may be loose enough to tent up - you pull up some of the skin so it looks like a tent and then using a 20 gauge 1 inch needle inject into the middle portion of the skin - you'll feel the needle go through the layers of skin and finally pop into the open void between the skin and muscle, then you just inject the medicine.  I rather like in between the shoulders (withers) as that skin many times is much looser.  Also, if the goat is dehydrated at all (not drinking well) then the subcutaneous injections are much more difficult.  You can get LA200 or penicillin over the counter at most feed/farm stores along with the needles (don't let them talk you into 16 or 18 gauge needles as these are for cattle and horses, not goats - 20 gauge 3/4 inch for intramuscular and 1 inch for subcu work well).  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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