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Goats/sick billy goat posted 1/21


Thanks Donna! My boy is eating today and his temp and stools are normal. He's still limping and taking it easy on his foot (sometimes he holds it up and walks on 3 legs).

I got a good look at his foot this morning and think I know the source of the problem. The vet found a small puncture wound on his second visit that had scabbed over (he pulled off the scab) but it looked very clean without blood...just a little puncture probably from the metal fence on his gate. There weren't any signs of infection so that's why he was stumped as to what caused the fever. But now the wound is pink and swollen about the size of a pea. I called the vet today and told him about the wound and he said the antibiotic shot he gave him will last 3 days.

He didn't offer any additional advice or tell me if I should give him anything else for the infection. I'm assuming he thinks that shot he gave him will do the trick. I wonder if I can clean it with anything?

So, should I just keep and eye on him for the next 24 hours and assume that if he runs a temp again that he needs more antibiotic? Or should I get him some penicillin today? I also read that Vitamin C injections can be given to treat infection. I know an injection would be best but I have 500 mg supplements so I'm going to give that to him orally today. I'll investigate how much I should give him.

If you can offer any other info based on the update I sent that would be great. I'll keep you updated...thanks again Donna!!

Hi there - thanks for the update.  I would continue with penicillin after the 3 days injection the vet gave him, especially if he continues to run a fever (over 102.5) and/or if the wound is still swollen.  Generally extremity infections take about 5 to 7 days of antibiotic injections to clear.  You may need to lance the abscess if it does not go down - this will allow the infected fluid to drain out - you can do this yourself or the vet can do it for you.  Just takes use of a large 16 or 18 gauge needle and hydrogen pyroxide and then an antibiotic powder afterwards - no stitches are needed unless of course the vet lances it with a scalpel.  Would keep him on aspirin to help with swelling and inflammation and pain and fever - did I give you the dose for that?  Would not give vitamin C injections - oraly works great, along with vitamin D3 and zinc, all of which help the immune system fight the infection - twice the daily dose of vitamin C - crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cool, and give orally.  If you use the D3 2000 units is great - two capsules twice a day - puncture the capsule and drain the oil into the vitamin C solution and if you add zinc that is twice the human dosing twice a day - again crushing and you can add to the vitamin C and D3 solution.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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