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Hi Donna, first I would like to thank you again for your advice, you have been so generous with your time! Aside from the limping,  "Billie" is pretty good today. He's talking, eating, drinking, going potty (healthy pooh)and in good spirits. I gave him 2.5cc of penicillin last night and 2cc this morning (he pulled away before I could get the rest in so I gave up). I'm very slow giving the injections because I'm scared I'll do it wrong. I was able to poke at his wound a bit last night. Its in a very hard spot to between the back part of his toes where its hard to spread them apart. I poked a small hole in the bump and it felt kind of hard with a little cheesy white matter that came out when I pinched it. Very little blood if any. Its still small in size like a pea. I'm able to soak his foot for about 1-2 minutes and then I put some antiseptic cream on the wound. He's still limping but puts pressure on it and is even moving faster than he has been. If I'm only able to give him one shot a day is that pointless? I can't do it alone and my husband works very late at night. I really hate giving the shots! He seems to be on the mend. Do you think it would be too risky if I just continue to treat him with vitamins and immune system supplements and a daily foot soak without the penicillin? I'm work from home and have a great view of his pen from my office so I can keep a close eye on him. I'll continue the penicillin if absolutely necessary though...maybe it would be easier to give between the shoulders where I can just pull up some skin.

Hi there - thanks for the update - sounds like he is indeed on the mend.  I would think immune supplements and vitamins would be great to continue and at this point I would think penicillin is not needed - especially since you have drained the abscess, and soaking it and it is very small.  The limping will take a few weeks to go away.  But as long as he is doing all the normal "goaty" things sounds like he is good to go.  Keeping a close eye on him is important too so glad you can do that.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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