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Thank you once again for your thorough reply! Your advice is appreciated! "Billy" is pretty perky today and seems to be munching on his hay alright. He's not chewing cud like his sister and I haven't seen him drink anything today but its hard to monitor that. He is receiving all of his supplements and I think i prefer to make him dosage balls (a little oatmeal, molasses and slippery elm powder mixed with vitamins) for his supplements because they make him happy and are much easier than liquid :)

I brought him in my garage today and soaked his foot in Epsom salt, water and peroxide for a minute. It seemed stressful to him and his legs was trembling for awhile after. I called the vet today and he said the antibiotic shot will last 5 days (through tomorrow). His temp has been normal for over two days and his stools are regular again. The wound is pea sized and pink with a little dried dark red blood and he's walking his foot through fresh snow throughout the day. It doesn't look hot, red or angry so I'll keep a close eye on it. And I'll try to snip a very small opening in the wound (its right in between his toes towards the back of his hoof) so its can drain a little. I'm having a hard time figuring out if the wound is an abscess or just an healing wound that has been treated with antibiotic for infection. Are abscess and infections always paired with a fever? Taking his temp seems to be the easiest way to determine if the infection is spreading or making him ill again.

Thanks for the update.  I would be interested to know what new antibiotic the vet is using that lasts five days in goats - a bit skeptical, but with that said it sounds like the wound is healing - an abscess is just a pocket of infected material and can and usually does cause a fever. Generally for an abscess, there is pus or other necrotic looking drainage in there, leftover from original wound.  Sounds like the area looks good and he is feeling better - very nice.  However you like to give supplements is fine - it is whatever works easiest for you as you are the one treating the goat, and sounds like you're doing a nice job.  You're correct about taking a temp.  Although with most goats if they have a fever they will not eat.  Thanks again for the update -  Donna


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