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my goat was pregnant and lost the kids and now she is losing weight and her hair is falling out i don't know what to do about the weight loss and her hair she had a c section and the kids did not make it and then she had a another complication and had to haven another procedure and now she is home but she is milking but she is still losing weight and I'm worried that we would lose our only milking goat i gave her a shot for ketosis and I'm wondering if that was all right  to do i gave her some molasses and grain today but she is not interested in it at all she got home today from the vets and she seems not like her self I'm wondering if its normal for a goat to milk but still lose weight should we stop milking her or should we milk her

What complication did she have from the surgery/C-section?  Would get a temperature on her if you can.  What type of injection did you give her for ketosis? What color are her lower inner eyelids? Is she peeing and pooping okay?  Where are you located?  Cold weather there?  Has the vet had her on probiotics and antibiotics?  If not, should have been.  Does she have sweet smelling breath?/why do you think she had ketosis?

Since she is not eating she should have vitamin B complex with thiamin - this is human tablets - 8 tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given orally to the doe twice a day.  Do you have an oral drenching syringe? Would also get her on probiotics every day.  Is she up to date on worming? Was she eating while at the vet's?   Even if a doe is ill once her mammary system has started milking it would continue, milk production may be low but it would continue to produce milk.  

It is possible the doe has a pneumonia/shipping fever type from all the stress and to and from the vet clinic.  This would need penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 days.  This is an intramuscular injection.  A long acting antibiotic generally does not treat this well.  If she has a fever (over 102.5) and I would ask the vet what her temperatures were running while in the clinic.   The stress of the C-section, travel, loss of her kids, all can also cause psychological issues with goats and this can easily lead to weight loss.  I take it she was in good health and of good weight before she had the C-section?  Did she lose a lot of blood during the surgery?  If she has a fever then aspirin at one 325 mg human aspirin crushed and dissolved in a little hot water (per 75 pounds body weight) twice a day will help with that.  

Let me know about all my questions - sorry for so many.  Donna  


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