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my female goat had her kid on jan 2 2013. has had no problems so far. yesterday she was fine and today when i went to milk her she would not eat and acted like ther was something in her throat. then i noticed she had diarrhea real bad. it is greenish and real loose.... she hasnt been wormed since she got pregnant. she ahs always seemed to have a weak stomach tho. a simple changer in her feed has cause loose stool before but she would always eat. never seen her act like this... she acts like her mouth want close all the way and she is drooling some.. what should i do.. all the vets are closed and i only have some sav-a-calf that has neomycin and oxytetracycline in it and i have some pro bios.  please help!!!!she is nubian and lemancha mix

Do you have some pepto bismol? I would get that into her to try to stop the diarrhea. I would also use the sav a calf with antibiotics, because the diarrhea could be bacterial. You should always deworm a day right after she kids, because they are more likely to get overwhelmed by parasites at hat time.  Make Shute she has hot water to drink, I've the probiotics, too. Do you have any injectable antibiotics? Take her temp and try to check her throat to see whether she has an obstruction. Make sure she is warm, and get some roughage for her to eat, even wheat straw if you have it. No more rain for now, and you need to stop milking until she is better. Good luck and let me know how it goes.


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